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Professional PowerPoint design, custom PowerPoint Templates and custom PowerPoint presentation services.

A PowerPoint presentation is in essence a collection of slides aimed at communicating information, messages, concepts or ideas.

Universally used and accepted as the standard in all areas of business activity such as sales, marketing, corporate communications and investment relations. PowerPoint and PowerPoint presentations are a critcal asset in every organizations communications strategy and strategic use of media.

As is so often the case with important and key presentations, for example at a trade fair, expo, conference or unique client presentation. Presenters often re-use or apply an existing template, slide design or layout to a presentation. Using an existing template can restrict and place limitations imposed on an existing presentation template design, often created for other or general corporate purposes and as such are simply not enough to gain the attention of your audience, communicate your message, and achieve your business objectives.

Creating the right presentation for your needs and tailoring your presentation to make optimal use of your business opportunity is the secret to a successful presentation.

At 123PPT, our presentations team are here to design, create and maximize the potential of your presentations. We deliver presentations that target and meet your business opportunities and maximize your return on investment (ROI).
Custom PowerPoint Presentations
From the outset, we have always been aware of the needs of individuals, companies and corporations who need to go the extra mile with their presentations. As a result we created our Presentation Services Department, in order to supply and provide the highest creative, and custom communication driven PowerPoint solutions.

Whether its a total custom PowerPoint presentation, Custom PowerPoint Templates design, or a creative revision to existing slides and material. Whether your need is to improve text content or to add visual enticement through relevant video, photographs, illustrations, or animation. You'll find our creative team ready to deal with your enquiries and able to deliver on time and within your budget.

To find out more about how our Presentation Services team can help you achieve your PowerPoint needs, contact us today for a free quotation and start gaining your audience attention.

PowerPoint Presentation Samples
Our experienced presentation artists are here to bring your message to life with enhanced Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

The first example for Boeing Aerospace, shows a slightly more complex PowerPoint presentation. A complex 3d graphic universe, and various aerospace models were created in addition to varying page transitions, and effects to create an overwhelming sense of voyage and discovery for the Boeing company.

The second example for Disney, shows a custom and uniquely designed PowerPoint Template for their distribution daughter company, Buena Vista International. Disney required a custom and unique PowerPoint Template with varying color schemes that could be used for differing international markets and territories, whilst retaining an overall common and cohesive brand presence.

The third example for The Body Shop, required close liason with The Body Shop creative department in order to manipulate and create custom graphic design and photo montages that complement The Body Shop design manual and corporate profiling.

Outsource PowerPoint Presentations
In the modern business world, presentations take place almost continuously. Whether internally, to departments, across offices or when recruiting. Towards clients and potential customers. In board meetings with board members and shareholders. At trade fairs and conferences. Or when promoting products, services and company values.

If your company produces a high volume of PowerPoint presentations, outsourcing your presentations to 123PPT will enable you to leverage the benefits of increased presentation quality, improved deadline compliance, as well as the ability to reduce the fixed cost of internal human reosurces and time to a variable cost.

Outsourcing your presentations to 123PPT provides:
  • Expanded hours of presentation support.
  • Increased presentation quality.
  • Reduced presentation production costs.
  • Improved deadline compliance.
  • Increased management and organizational.
  • Overflow support.
  • Reduced human resources risks.
After consulting and discussing your unique position, together we will diagnose your needs, and collaborate with you to create a custom presentation outsourcing solution that:
  • Provides you with around the clock support for high-cost professionals.
  • Provides you with cost-effective PowerPoint presentation support for low utilization or peak periods including holidays, and weekend periods.
  • Reduce your costs whilst increasing the quality of your presentations and service by replacing your non-core presentation graphics department.
Contact us today to discuss your outsourced presentation service requirements and outsource your presentations to 123PPT, the PowerPoint professionals.
Full Service Design and Presentation Bureau
123PPT is a full service design and presentations bureau. We can help improve your existing presentations or create and help you define new business critical presentations through:

Improve your existing presentation:
  • Reviewing and editing text to improve the delivery of your message and overall communication.
  • Reformatting of the slides for a more professional look.
  • Modifying the color scheme to match specific points and achieve greater strategic objectives.
  • Adding attractive backgrounds for greater visual appeal and attention.
  • Creating custom graphics to support key points and arguments.

Develop new components for your presentation:
  • Designing corporate branded PowerPoint Templates.
  • Introducing animated effects and transitions.
  • Animating your brand and/ or logo.
  • Designing original artwork for your backgrounds, charts, and illustrations.

Create an entire new and custom presentation:
  • Front end table of contents and navigation.
  • Custom Photos, illustrations, movie, and sound clips.
  • Sophisticated slides.
Client References
At 123PPT we create presentations.

Whether you're a global conglomerate, a multi-national corporation, large, medium or small business owner. Doctor, teacher, employee or student, we create unique presentations and unique Custom PowerPoint Templates for your own unique and individual needs.

From individual assignments to outsourcing and longer-term committment, 123PPT is your complete presentations partner.

A selection of some of our latest client references can be seen below:
  • Creative Technology Ltd
  • AT & T
  • HMJ Group
  • Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V
  • The Center for the Advancement of Health (CFAH)
  • Music Televsion (MTV) Europe
  • Academy Sports
  • Hitachi
  • Nestlé
  • Bénéteau Group

With 123PPT as your presentation partner, your next presentation can be professional, effective and reflect the values you need to express. Make the most of your presentation opportunities, maximize your return on investment and deliver presentations that engage your audience and bring energy and commitment to your beliefs.

Contact us today for a free quotation and learn more about 123PPT and how we can help you set the tone and give your PowerPoint presentation the professional look you demand.
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