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Outsource PowerPoint presentations to 123PPT and let our creative team create professional presentations for you.

Whether you need a Custom PowerPoint Presentation, Custom PowerPoint Template or need to Outsource PowerPoint presentations, your audience expectations often go far beyond the traditional template presentation and wizard slide show. Their expectations and your ability to respond to them, is the key to a successful presentation, convention, and meeting.

At 123PPT our aim is to help you achieve your goals of communication. To meet your business objectives and achieve and maintain a leading market position.

In combining our expert knowledge, awareness, and understanding of market communications, creative and concept development, together with our technical ability to develop and deliver state of the art media productions. We are able to plan, create, compose, and edit, your digital Presentation.

Through Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Flash Design, CD-Rom, or DVD, Video, and Animation, 123PPT is here to serve your custom Presentation needs quickly and affordably. Simply contact us today with your specifications for a free quotation.

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  • PowerPoint Templates.

  • Macromedia Flash design.

  • Interactive and self-running presentations.

  • Film, editing and production facilities.

  • Logo design and corporate profiling.

  • Logo animation.

  • Custom backgrounds, videos, sounds, photos.

  • 3D and full motion graphics.

  • Storyboard and scripting.

  • Copywriting and editing.

  • Sound and music scoring.

  • Layout and organization.

Increase brand, product and service awareness with your audience
High-end digital presentations from 123PPT offer you not only the ability to state an idea, illustrate an event, or affirm a belief, but to communicate it directly, and precisely through sound and movement, as self-running, or interactive experiences.

To introduce sound as commentaries, dialog, music, and effect. To implement video, recalling an occasion or event, as interview, or real world scenario. To make use of animation, to bring illustrations and images to life, transforming logos, identities, buttons, and options, creating activity, dynamism, energy, and verve. Or employing three-dimensional graphics, to add depth, create walkthroughs and alternative environments.

Using attention gaining media in your digital presentation enables you to animate your ideas across the screen, create atmosphere for an event, and bring energy and commitment to your beliefs.
Outsource presentations to maintain quality and control
In the modern world of business, presentations take place continuously. If your company produces a high volume of presentations, outsourcing your presentations to 123PPT will enable you to leverage the benefits of increased presentation quality, improved deadline compliance, as well as the ability to reduce the fixed cost of internal human reosurces and time to a variable cost.

Outsourcing your presentations to 123PPT provides:
  • Expanded hours of presentation support.
  • Increased presentation quality.
  • Reduced presentation production costs.
  • Improved deadline compliance.
  • Increased management and organizational.
  • Overflow support.
  • Reduced human resources risks.
After consulting and discussing your unique position, together we will diagnose your needs, and collaborate with you to create a custom presentation outsourcing solution that:
  • Provides you with around the clock support for high-cost professionals.
  • Provides you with cost-effective PowerPoint presentation support for low utilization or peak periods including holidays, and weekend periods.
  • Reduce your costs whilst increasing the quality of your presentations and service by replacing your non-core presentation graphics department.
Contact us today to discuss your outsourced presentation service requirements and outsource your presentations to 123PPT, the presentation professionals.
Interactive presentations or self-running information and sales presentations
With the use of offline material, such as PowerPoint, Flash, interactive DVD, CD-Rom, and multimedia productions. Or online events such as broadcasts, Webcasts, and streamed deliveries. Or in combining on and offline interactions and content. Digital Presentations are more readily able to communicate clearly and concisely, accentuate and elaborate, areas of particular interest, and items of greatest focus, by keeping your audience engaged and entertained.

Whether PowerPoint, Flash motion graphics, digital video, film, or animation. 123PPT production artists, create your presentations to the highest degrees of professionalism. Creating stunning presentations that produce energy and enthusiasm with your audiences. Extending your values, and outreaching the expectations of your viewers and public.
Create confidence in your brand, trust in your products and belief in your services
123PPT delivers presentations for many of the worlds leading and most recognised brands and organizations, who reply on our creative artists and presentation professionals to design, create, and produce unique professional presentations which reflect the quality and values associated with household names and world leading companies.

Our award-winning design and presentation team of creative artists, designers, copy writers and technical staff can help you make the most out of your presentations so your audience will remember your brand, your company and your key communication messages for your conference, convention, exhibition stand, kick-off, product launches and events.

To find out more about 123PPT Presentation Services and why more and more companies across the globe are turning to 123PPT for presentations that really count Contact Us Today For A Free Quote.
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