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Custom PowerPoint Templates and custom PowerPoint designs made to order for your brand, company, products or services.

Every PowerPoint presentation is created from a PowerPoint Template. Every Open Office presentation is also created and based upon a compatible PowerPoint Template design.

For many a PowerPoint Template that reflects the theme of their presentation, for example a shipping and logistics presentation, a fuel and gasoline presentation or a presentation about wine can take advantage of a Standard PowerPoint Templates and Stock PowerPoint Templates.
Custom PowerPoint Templates
There are many occasions when a Stock PowerPoint Template will not suffice or fails to deliver the impact you need to your audience. Times when you need to present your company, your products or your services in a new and exciting way. And times when having a unique and completely original PowerPoint Template helps your brand, service and products stand out from crowd and make your audience remember your presentation.

Get a free no obligation quote for your own Custom PowerPoint Template.
Build and increase brand awareness
Your unique Custom PowerPoint Template guarantees that your audience will never have seen a presentation like yours before. Your presentation will not only be visually appealing and appropriate for your presentation subject, theme or topic, but also reflect the color scheme, palette and choices that represent your company, corporate profile or design manual.

With a Custom PowerPoint Template design, you show your audience that you appreciate the opportunity to present your ideas, information and communication arguments and have taken the time and efforts to create a unique and professional look for your presentation.
Present your brand, your products or services
A Custom PowerPoint Template not only increases brand awareness it enforces brand awareness.

With your own unique Custom PowerPoint Templates you can present your brand, your products and your services in a more focused, relevant and targeted way.

Through uniquely styled and personalized Custom PowerPoint Templates, you are able to increase and gain focus on your brand and present it in a more visually stunning and compelling way than your traditional or common corporate template.

If brand awareness is less important than presenting your product or service, a Custom PowerPoint Template can be unqiuely designed to highlight and focus upon the benefits and values of your product or service and gain distinction from your competitors.

To learn about your own unique Custom PowerPoint Template and how our Presentation Services team can help you achieve your PowerPoint needs, contact us today for a free quotation and start gaining your audience attention.
World leader in presentation design
Unlike other online design agencies and bureaus, 123PPT is a completely dedicated and focused presentations team.

By maintaining our focus on presentations and presentation design, 123PPT has grown to become recognized as the world leader in PowerPoint, Open Office and presentation design.
Real designers, real agency and real people
Unlike other providers of PowerPoint Templates and PowerPoint services, 123PPT is not a retailer, nor is 123PPT a third-party reseller or affiliate of mass produced, low quality PowerPoint Templates.

We do not resell or offer third-party products. We do not pretend to be a "Free PowerPoint Template" provider which are in fact affiliate sites. We do not offer "custom" services and then forward these requests to the template creators in the hope that they have the ability to change or customize source files.

At 123PPT we design and create every unique PowerPoint Template, PowerPoint Background, PowerPoint Video Background, PowerPoint Music, Sound Effect and Stock Photo that can be found on our site. The benefits of being creators are quite simple. You can talk with the designers, the artists and the creatives who design your products.

We can adjust or change any existing product to your needs or create entirely new and custom designs that you require.

This reassurance and peace of mind cannot be offered by the overwhelming majority of other online presentation and PowerPoint providers as they do not own the intellectual property, creative rights or possess the source files of the work presented on their sites.
Full Service Design and Presentation Bureau
123PPT is a full service design and presentations bureau. We can help improve your existing presentations or create and help you define new business critical presentations through:

Improve your existing presentation:
  • Reviewing and editing text to improve the delivery of your message and overall communication.
  • Reformatting of the slides for a more professional look.
  • Modifying the color scheme to match specific points and achieve greater strategic objectives.
  • Adding attractive backgrounds for greater visual appeal and attention.
  • Creating custom graphics to support key points and arguments.

Develop new components for your presentation:
  • Designing corporate branded PowerPoint Templates.
  • Introducing animated effects and transitions.
  • Animating your brand and/ or logo.
  • Designing original artwork for your backgrounds, charts, and illustrations.

Create an entire new and custom presentation:
  • Front end table of contents and navigation.
  • Custom Photos, illustrations, movie, and sound clips.
  • Sophisticated slides.
Client References
At 123PPT we create presentations.

Whether you're a global conglomerate, a multi-national corporation, large, medium or small business owner. Doctor, teacher, employee or student, we create unique presentations and unique Custom PowerPoint Templates for your own unique and indidual needs.

From individual projects to outsourcing and longer-term committment, 123PPT is your complete presentations partner.

A selection of some of our latest client references can be seen below:
  • Music Televsion (MTV) Europe
  • Academy Sports
  • Hitachi
  • Bénéteau Group
  • Creative Technology Ltd
  • AT & T
  • The Center for the Advancement of Health (CFAH)
  • Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V
  • Nestlé
  • HMJ Group

With 123PPT as your presentation partner, your next presentation can be professional, effective and reflect the values you need to express. Make the most of your presentation opportunities, maximize your return on investment and deliver presentations that engage your audience and bring energy and commitment to your beliefs.

Contact us today for a free quotation and learn more about 123PPT and how we can help you set the tone and give your PowerPoint presentation the professional look you demand.
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