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Title sequence design, animation, presentation intros, movie editing, effects and custom DVD presentation design.

In the modern world of digital media, the use of moving images, television, DVD, video, and animation, to inform, educate, and convey messages, thoughts, products, ideas, and principles, consistently gains greatest effect over slides, bullet points, and illustrations, with target audiences.

Viewers gain recollection of brand names, of key sales arguments, and advantages, and illustrate this by product selection at point of sale. And potential consumers are transformed, moved to action, and purchase, by the apparent authenticity of the marketer, of their brand, their product, and catchphrases.

At 123PPT, our aim is to ensure you receive market commitment, in whatever arena you wish to triumph.

Whether through corporate and product advertising promotions. Educational, training or information films. Demonstration, trade show, sales, or board presentations. Our creative production team can script, film, edit, and produce your presentation to maximise your audience capture and market potential through cross-promotional, high impact attention seeking media.

And with the potential of creating impact, of stunning, and impressing your audiences through combining 3D motion graphics and animation with film and digital footage. The ability to enhance your own corporate identity, image, brand, and associative trademarks by breathing new life into your existing screen presence through animation becomes a reality.

Across broadcast channels, DVD, video, CD-Rom, broadband, live web casts, or streamed Internet formats. The power of the moving image is your power to captivate and communicate, directly with distinction.

To find out more about how 123PPT Presentation Services team can help you achieve your presentation needs, contact us today for a free quotation and start gaining your audience's attention.

At 123PPT, our experienced presentation artists are here to bring your message to life with enhanced DVD, video, and animation presentations.

Click on any of the sample images below to view some of our creative DVD, video, and animation work samples.

These DVD broadcast quality channel identity vignettes were designed and produced for the Norwegian National Broacasting Corporation, NRK. 
Available here in low resolution streamable format for online viewing purposes. This broadcast quality channel identity 'sting' was designed and produced for MTV, Music Television Europe.
Available here in low resolution streamable format for online viewing purposes. This DVD title extract is an animated piece, designed and produced for the television game show Technophobes.
Available here in low resolution streamable format for online viewing purposes.
Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK).
Channel identity vignettes.

Windows Streaming Format (830kb)
Music Television (MTV) Europe.
Channel identity vignettes.

Windows Streaming Format (420kb)
Opening animation sequence.

Windows Streaming Format (1,29Mb)

Presentations take place continuously. If your company produces a high volume of presentations, then outsourcing your presentations to 123PPT will enable you to leverage the benefits of increased presentation quality, improved deadline compliance, as well as the ability to reduce the fixed cost of internal human reosurces and time to a variable cost.

Outsourcing your presentations to 123PPT provides:
  • Expanded hours of presentation support.
  • Increased presentation quality.
  • Reduced presentation production costs.
  • Improved deadline compliance.
  • Increased management and organizational.
  • Overflow support.
  • Reduced human resources risks.
After consulting and discussing your unique position, together we will diagnose your needs, and collaborate with you to create a custom presentation outsourcing solution that:
  • Provides you with around the clock support for high-cost professionals.
  • Provides you with cost-effective motion graphics, 3d graphics, animation, and film production support for low utilization or peak periods including holidays, and weekend periods.
  • Reduce your costs whilst increasing the quality of your presentations and service by replacing your non-core presentation motion graphics and film department.
Contact us today to discuss your outsourced presentation service requirements and outsource your presentations to 123PPT, the presentation professionals.

Improve your existing Presentation by:
  • Adding an attention grabbing introduction sequence to your presentation.
  • Adding an animated corporate logo.
  • Filming specific speakers, events, products, etc.
  • Integrating animation and 3D graphic effects.
  • Adding soundtrack(s) and sound effects to gain greater attention and argument focus.
  • Using professional speech actors for commentaries and monologues.
  • Overlays and graphics to support key points and arguments.
  • Delivering your DVD, or video in custom box packaging with your branded label design.

Develop new components for your Presentation by:
  • Introducing animated effects and transitions.
  • Animating your brand and/ or logo.
  • Introducing post production and visual effects.
  • Outputting your presententation across multiple platforms.
  • Web cast and stream your presentation to online audiences.

Create an entire new and custom Presentation by:
  • Redesigning your PowerPoint Presentation as a cost effective moving image production.
  • Examining the communicative aspects and message(s) of the presentation.
  • Scripting and storyboarding the presentation to achieve the goals of communciation.
  • Using custom photos, illustrations, graphics, and animations.
  • Employing professional voice actors.
  • Composing custom soundtrack(s) and spot effects for the presentation.
View The
DVD, Video and Animation Show Reel 2013

Click to view The DVD, Video, & Animation Show Reel
  • Storyboard and scripting.

  • Location and studio shooting.

  • Film, editing, and DVD production facilities.

  • Full MPEG2 (broadcast) production capbility.

  • Post production facilities.

  • Blue screen and chromakeying.

  • Sound studios.

  • Soundtrack and sound effects production.

  • DVD mastering and duplication.

  • 3D modelling and rendering suites.

  • Broadcast animation design.

  • Multiple format delivery.

  • Web cast and streaming faciltiies.

At 123PPT, our creative department create unique motion graphics, film, dvd, and animation productions for individuals, organizations, and agencies.

A selection of some of our latest DVD, video, and animation client references can be seen below:
  • Horizont
  • FlashBack
  • Salsa Media
  • IDG
  • MTV Europe
  • VISA
  • Fusion
  • Wall to Wall
  • The Lighthouse Production Company
  • Envisage

To learn more about how 123PPT can help you set the tone and give your presentation the professional look you demand contact us today for a free quote, and start gaining attention using presentations that animate your ideas across the screen, create atmosphere, and bring energy and commitment to your beliefs.
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