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Adobe Flash design, Flash animation and custom Flash presentation services.

The power of the moving image is perhaps the only platform of media that has had the ability to make audiences stop and take notice.

Slides often read at meetings cause small reaction in comparison to a moving report upon the screen. Just as the advertisements that we see in the magazines, journals, and upon billboards, often have small impact in comparison to the television commercial, or movie trailer.

The power of the moving image to generate a response and form reactions from the spectator, whether in its ability to define attitude, or influence to purchase product. Has the unquestioned capacity to provoke activity and motivate action from a target audience.

At 123PPT we develop, design, and deliver Presentation motion graphics to broadcast quality.

Through the use of design, and in particular Adobe Flash Design, our creative team of artists and designers will transform your presentations from the stationary and the static, to the moving and the stirring. Reflecting movement, energy, modernity, and dynamism. Illustrating positive values, and values that any corporate brand or product service might choose to reflect, and be perceived by.

We combine the message and meanings of your marketing strategies with the power and motion of moving images, to create high impact focus driven visuals that generate market awareness, and produce lasting impressions to target audiences.

To find out more about how 123PPT Presentation Services team can help you achieve your presentation needs, contact us today for a free quotation and start gaining your audience's attention.

At 123PPT, our experienced artists and designers are here to bring your message to life with enhanced Adobe Flash Design and animation presentation services.

Click on any of the sample images below to view some of our creative Adobe Flash Design presentations work.

This custom designed Adobe Flash example was created for the Business Center, as an introductory sequence to a corporate presentation. This custom designed Adobe Flash example is an extract from The Four Faces of Business movie designed and created by for Visa.
Inline with Visa's global The Future Takes Visa Campaign, this movie was designed and created for the Visa Purchasing product range to illustrate an example of business transactions in the future. This custom designed Adobe Flash example is an interactive presentation for the sound effects agency GunShotz.
This extract from the presentation shows the start of the playful interactive piece.
Business Center Intro

Adobe Flash (1,2 MB)
Visa Presentation

Adobe Flash (532 Kb)
Gunshotz Promotion

Adobe Flash (157 Kb)

In todays modern world, presentations take place continuously. If your company produces a high volume of Flash presentations, Flash intros, or Flash web site designs. Then outsourcing your Flash presentations and projects to 123PPT will enable you to leverage the benefits of increased presentation quality, improved deadline compliance, as well as the ability to reduce the fixed cost of internal human reosurces and time to a variable cost.

Outsourcing your presentations to 123PPT provides:
  • Expanded hours of presentation support.
  • Increased presentation quality.
  • Reduced presentation production costs.
  • Improved deadline compliance.
  • Increased management and organizational.
  • Overflow support.
  • Reduced human resources risks.
After consulting and discussing your unique position, together we will diagnose your needs, and collaborate with you to create a custom presentation outsourcing solution that:
  • Provides you with around the clock support for high-cost professionals.
  • Provides you with cost-effective Flash presentation and Flash design support for low utilization or peak periods including holidays, and weekend periods.
  • Reduce your costs whilst increasing the quality of your presentations and service by replacing your internal Flash design and non-core presentation graphics department.
Contact us today to discuss your outsourced presentation service requirements and outsource your presentations to 123PPT, the Adobe Flash presentation professionals.
Full Range of Custom Adobe Flash Design Services

Improve your existing Presentation by:
  • Adding an attention grabbing introduction sequence to your presentation.
  • Adding an animated corporate logo.
  • Linking your presentation to your website.
  • Linking your presentation to realtime figures and data from your database.
  • 3D animations and illustrations.
  • Reviewing and editing text to improve the delivery of your message and overall communication.
  • Optimizing your presentation for fast on and offline delviery and loading.
  • Modifying the color scheme to match specific points and achieve greater strategic objectives.
  • Animating attractive backgrounds for greater visual appeal and attention.
  • Creating custom graphics and animated effects, to support key points and arguments.
  • Adding soundtrack(s) and sound effects to gain greater attention and argument focus.

Develop new components for your Presentation by:
  • Introducing animated effects and transitions.
  • Animating your brand and/ or logo.
  • Designing original artwork for your backgrounds, charts, and illustrations.
  • Adding virtual walk-throughs and environment simulations.
  • Including product demos, screensavers, and other applications.

Create an entire new and custom Presentation by:
  • Redesigning your existing PowerPoint Presentation into Adobe Flash.
  • Using custom photos, illustrations, movies, animations, transitions, and sound clips.
  • Making a fully interactive or self-running presentation.
View The
Adobe Flash Design Show Reel 2012

Click to view The Adobe Flash Design Show Reel
  • Custom Adobe Flash logo animations.

  • Interactive and self-running presentations.

  • 3D vector graphics and animations.

  • Vector illustrations.

  • Bitmap Tracing.

  • Product demos.

  • Custom composed Soundtracks and effects.

  • Virtual walkthroughs and tours.

  • Delivered through E-mail, or CD-Rom.'s Latest Adobe Flash Design References

At 123PPT, our creative department creates unique and custom Adobe Flash designs and movies for individuals, organizations, and agencies. Content authoring, structure and organization. As well as complete presentation productions.

A selection of some of our latest Adobe Flash Design client references can be seen below:
  • Microtek
  • Salsa Media
  • Alcatel
  • Select A Sample
  • Sky Television
  • Total Drift
  • The Digital Margin
  • VISA
  • MapQuest
  • Sonic Hall

To learn more about how can help you set the tone and give your presentation the professional look you demand contact us today for a free quotation, and start gaining attention using presentations that animate your ideas across the screen, create atmosphere, and bring energy and commitment to your beliefs.
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