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Sound Effects and background Music Loops
The Dance CD Collection features all 26 background Music Loops from the 123PPT.com Dance section.

Gathered on one convenient CD, The Dance CD Collection is available to subscribers of The 123PPT.com Newsletter for just $64.95, saving you over $63.95 on individual Dance Music Loop purchases, to provide outstanding value and savings.

The Dance CD Collection is the perfect cost effective accessory for presenters who need subtle yet engaging background music in their presentations, Office documents, or Outlook mails.

As the ideal complement to your visual presentation, 123PPT.com�s Dance CD Collection, is recorded in uncompressed high definition 16 Bit, 44100Hz Stereo CD quality WAV formats, providing you with true CD quality music loops, whilst allowing you the freedom to insert and embed Dance background Music into your presentation, adding atmosphere, depth, and audible accompaniment.

To find out more, and take advantage of The Dance CD Collection, simply follow below to listen to previews of all tracks in the collection. Then select your delivery method of either FTP direct download, or CD shipping, to add The Dance CD Collection to your shopping cart, and start adding professional audio to your presentations today.

A listing of all tracks on the CD can be seen below.

By simply rolling your mouse pointer over any of the individual tracks, a low resolution preview of the track begins to play for auditioning.

Low resolution previews, are greatly compressed, 8 Bit, 22000Hz Mono versions of their masters on The Dance CD Collection, with the majority of low, middle, and high range clipped, to provide online previews that enable you to hear each Dance background Music Loop.

As such these low resolution previews are compressed in quality and sound much "flatter" and "duller" than their masters which are of far superior quality.

To offer an example, the difference in sound quality of this compressed preview sample  (16k), versus that of the actual CD Collection track master(158k), file can be heard by rolling your mouse pointer over these two hyperlinked options.

Please note: The original uncompressed file, has a considerably greater file size than its preview, and as such comparing sound quality may take longer depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

A full track preview of The Dance CD Collection can be heard to the left below:

Dance 55 100bps
Dance 54 120bps
Dance 53 120bps
Dance 52 120bps
Dance 51 120bps
Dance 50 120bps
Dance 49 120bps
Dance 48 100bps
Dance 47 100bps
Dance 46 120bps
Dance 45 120bps
Dance 44 120bps
Dance 43 100bps
Dance 42 100bps
Dance 41 100bps
Dance 40 120bps
Dance 39 120bps
Dance 38 120bps
Dance 37 120bps
Dance 36 120bps
Dance 35 120bps
Dance 34 120bps
Dance 33 100bps
Dance 32 120bps
Dance 31 120bps
Dance 30 120bps
Dance 29 120bps
Dance 28 120bps
Dance 27 100bps
Dance 26 120bps
Dance 25 140bps
Dance 24 140bps
Dance 23 140bps
Dance 22 120bps
Dance 21 100bps
Dance 20 100bps
Dance 19 100bps
Dance 18 100bps
Dance 17 100bps
Dance 16 100bps
Dance 15 120bps
Dance 14 120bps
Dance 13 120bps
Dance 12 140bps
Dance 11 100bps
Dance 10 100bps
Dance 9 100bps
Dance 8 120bps
Dance 7 120bps
Dance 6 140bps
Dance 5 100bps
Dance 4 100bps
Dance 3 100bps
Dance 2 100bps
Dance 1 100bps
Add The Dance CD Collection to your Shopping Cart

Working on all versions of Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh platforms, every track on The Dance CD Collection is cross-platform compatible and work with all versions of PowerPoint.

And because all tracks are royalty free, you can use any and all Dance background Music Loops as often as wish, and in as many presentations and media productions as you choose without the need to pay any further payments, licenses, or fees.

With 123PPT.com's Dance CD Collection, you really are free to add and use Dance loops on individual slides, or across entire presentations, to mix and match as many loops as you wish, and add extra dimensions to your presentations and gain audience attention and enthusiasm.

The Dance CD Collection is available with shipping on CD, or directly as FTP download for those who need high quality premium sounds without delay.

As a subscriber to The 123PPT.com Newsletter, you can purchase The Dance CD Collection for only $64.95 (plus $5.95 shipping for CD format).

And with a total of 26 Dance background Music Loops priced at $4.95 each, you save over $63.95 on purchasing each Dance Loop individually with this exclusive offer.

To take advantage of our unique Collections launch offer select your delivery method from the options below to add The Dance CD Collection to your shopping cart.

Offer valid from 01/05/2008 - 14/05/2008 for all subscribers of the 123PPT.com Newsletter.

Select your preferred delivery type to add to cart:
Get The Dance CD Collection on CD The Dance CD Collection shipped on CD:
($64.95 plus $5.95 shipping for CD format)
Download The Dance CD Collection via FTP The Dance CD Collection via FTP download:
($64.95 no shipping cost)          
Remember: You can always remove items from your shopping cart later.
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