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Welcome to the latest edition of the 123PPT.com Newsletter

December 01, 2004   Edition Nr: 003
Welcome to the third edition of the 123PPT.com Newsletter.

In every edition we promise to feature a different selection of products from across our entire product range, and offer them to you at exclusive reader discount prices.

What's more, the 123PPT.com Newsletter brings Exclusive Articles and Advice, from leading presenters, and presentation creators. Step-by-step PowerPoint tutorials and lessons from leading Interactive designers and media creators. As well as the opportunity to Ask the Experts about any area of your presentation.

This exclusive service, is one we provide for you, and only for you, our Newsletter subscribers. So whether your curious on how to improve your public speaking performances, wonder about how to create certain effects for your presentation content, or want to know how to increase the involvement of your audience. In Ask the Experts, you'll have the opportunity to get the answers to the questions that matter to you.

In this edition only, our exclusive reader discounts offer you amazing savings on the Business Focus PowerPoint Template, Abstract Water PowerPoint Background, and the Wheel Mouse Side Photo.

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Ethically speaking, how can you handle your audience?
By Dave Clark, Communication Consultant, 123PPT.com

As a manager, departmental head, human resource manager, headmaster or mistress, CEO, or other member of managerial staff, we are often faced with situations where a speech, or presentation, has a difficult theme or involves sensitive content that has the potential to create a backlash, or wholly negative effect.

Imagine your organization is downsizing, or a wage cap has been invoked. How do you tell your employees that this year there will be no bonus or benefits package? Perhaps even that a wage cut must be invoked in order to maintain resource levels.

In fragile and delicate situations such as these, how can you not only maintain order within the ranks, but also reduce the risk of negative and destructive influences taking over your arguments either during or following your speech? And perhaps of more importance, how can you turn a potentially negative situation into a morally boosting and supportive event?

Royalty free music loops and sound effects from PresentationSounds.com

With Microsoft Producer 2003, a free add-on tool for users of Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 and 2002, it's never been easier for organizations, schools, and individuals, to produce, synchronize, and publish, audio, video, slides, and images for rich-media presentations.

These presentations can be viewed on demand in Microsoft Internet Explorer and provide a new dimension to engage audiences through e-learning, training, sales, marketing, and customer communications.

In this first of his three part tutorial, presentations and PowerPoint expert Scott Harvey, shows you "How to capture, import, and organize your media elements for browser and online broadcasts" with this step-by-step guide.

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In our last edition, Fredrik Blau Asked the Experts, "How can I change the color of hyperlinks in PowerPoint 2003 to match the color scheme of my presentation?"

Read localhost Henry's reply, as he answers Fredrik's question and shows you how to control the colors of your active and visited links within your PowerPoint 2003 presentation.

If you have a question you would like to Ask the Experts, please click here.
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