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How to use photos, illustrations and graphics in Microsoft PowerPoint and how to insert images on PowerPoint slides.

Welcome to 123PPT Frequently Asked Questions about Photos and Images in PowerPoint.

In an effort to make the answers to your questions more readily available, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions into several categories which are listed in the right hand menu.

To find the answer to your questions, select the category that is most relevant to your enquiry.

If you have any further questions concerning's Photos, Photographic Images, and Stock Photo products, please contact our Customer Services Department. Our service and support staff are on hand to assist you with any and all questions that you might have.

For users wishing to learn "How to...", offers PowerPoint Tips and Tricks for Photos, Photographic Images, and Illustations, providing detailed step-by-step help, techniques, and assistance, as well as indepth articles and commentaries from leading industry experts providing Presentation Articles and Advice.

Questions in this category include:
How quickly can I start using any Photo from The Photo Gallery?
You can download Photo's from's Photo Gallery immediately upon purchase.

After confirming your Shopping Cart, you will be transferred to PayPal, our preferred secure payment transactions host. Where you are required to complete your credit card information which will then allow you to download your order right away.
Why do the photo and image graphics on your site have written across them?
When you select a Photo thumbnail or scroll through the Photo Details page. The minature Photo graphics have written across them. is written across the thumbnail images to protect them from piracy and users who would otherwise avoid purchasing the full screen resolution Photo.

All full resolution purchased photographs, do not have written across them, and are ready for use within PowerPoint.
What is the difference between your Free Photos and presentation images and the Photos which I can purchase from your site?
In the Free Photos and presentation images section we present a number of free photos for you to download and use. Because the photos in this section are provided to you free of charge and without need to license or pay for use, each photo in the Free Photos and Presentation Images section is watermarked. All of our commerically available photos in all other Photos sections are not watermarked and may be purchased and downloaded for use in your PowerPoint presentations.
Will your Photo's work with PowerPoint for Macintosh?
All Photo's from The Photo Gallery are graphic images saved in high resolution JPG format and as such all Photo's are cross-platform and work for both Macintosh and PC Windows PowerPoint application owners.
In what resolution are the Photo's available?
All Photo's from The Photo Gallery are color callibrated and saved in uncompressed full resolution JPG file formats at 1600 x 1200 resolution. The Photo's are optimized for PowerPoint and screen use, and function clearly in any resolution due to the flexibility of PowerPoint to resize files either down to lower screen resolutions such as 800 x 600 or higher screen resolutions far beyond the normal desktop, such as to 2048 x 1536.

Due to their large sizes, all Photos within The Photo Gallery are able to be printed up to A5, (14,8 x 21 cm) without image deterioration. also provide a Full Photo and Photographic Service for users requiring any Photo from The Photo Gallery at higher resolutions. Please contact our Photographic Department for details and pricing.
How do I insert a Photo my PowerPoint presentation?
  1. Choose Picture from the Insert menu.
  2. Move the mouse right to the option From File and select.
  3. Find the folder that contains the photo or photographic image that you want, double-click the file name, and then click OK.
  4. Using the corners of the Photo, drag to scale and size appropriately. Or right mouseclick the Photo and Choose Format Picture. Select the Size Tab and size as required.
Am I free to use any Photo from The Photo Gallery as often as I like?
By purchasing a Photo from's Photo Gallery, you purchase a royalty free user license for the Photo. Allowing you to use the Photo in any PowerPoint or other presentation as often as you desire without the need to pay any license or additional fee.

However, the Photo and its visual representation, may not be copied, duplicated, or otherwise used and altered to produce graphical images for use as PowerPoint Backgrounds or Wallpapers for resale or other commercial purposes, and in the event of doing so recognizes its legal right as author of these images.

Further information regarding Photo, Photograph, and image copyright can be found within the Copyright & License frequently asked questions listing.
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